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Key Information

Nursery Fees





Morning (9-1pm)


Afternoon (1-5pm) 


School Day (9-3pm) 


Full Day (8-6pm) 


Any additional hours 

£5.40 per hour 


(if child is in receipt of Government Funding and chooses not to bring packed lunch) 


£4.50 per day 


Early Years Education Funding


Two Year Olds

 Government funding is available for two year olds, the term after their second birthday, if you meet certain criteria.  Please go to:  to find out more.


Three & Four Year Olds

 All Children are entitled to 570 hours per year (Universal Entitlement) of Early Years Education Funding the term after their third birthday, until they start school.  The table details the funding start dates for your child.


Child Born Between:

Funding Begins: 

1st January and 31st March

Summer Term (April) 

1st April and 31st August

Autumn Term (September) 

1st September and 31st December

Spring Term (January)


An ‘Extended Entitlement’ of a further 15 hours may be available for working parents, totalling 1170 hours may be available.  Please visit  to see if you are eligible.


We offer two different options of funding known as the Standard Offer and the Stretched Offer.


Standard Offer

This option entitles your child to 15 hour of free funding (or up to 30 hours if eligible for the ‘Extended Entitlement’) during Term-Time only.  If your child attends during the holidays too, full fees will apply during this time. 


Stretched Offer

This option entitles you to 11 hours free funding (or up to 22 hours if eligible for the ‘Extended Entitlement’) all year round (50 weeks of the year), including the school holidays.

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