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Covid 19 Policy

Policy statement

Following closure from the Covid 19 pandemic this policy is to outline actions and requirements of all users to reduce the transmission of Covid 19 and ensure continued safety and health for all users.


Arrival and Pick Up of Children 1 adult and preferably no siblings

2 metre social distancing rules to be observed between all adults

Comfortors are to remain at nursery where possible and not go between home and nursery

Staff will comfort and cuddle children as required 

Provide a named Sun hat to remain at nursery

1 bag filled with named changes of clothes, to remain at nursery if required any soiled or dirty clothes will laundered 

Apply sunscreen to your child at home preferably a sunscreen which will last all day.  We will re-apply if necessary, wearing gloves.  Please provide named sunscreen for re-application

Emergency contact details (updated if necessary) must be provided

No toys or books to be brought into nursery 


Awareness raising

Staff have undertaken Covid 19 training

We follow all Government Guidance and continuously review practice and procedure


Children's safety

Children will be required to wash their hands on arrival at the setting and as appropriate throughout the day, a 30 second timer is provided and will be used to encourage thorough cleanliness

Respiratory hygiene will be encouraged “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” Wash hands

Children are not expected to socially distance as this is not appropriate due to their ages

Children will not be grouped together for adult led activities in small spaces





  • We have a daily cleaning routine for the setting which includes play room(s), kitchen, rest area, toilets and nappy changing areas.
  • The toilet area has a high standard of hygiene including hand washing and drying facilities and the disposal of nappies.
  • We implement good hygiene practices by:

-          cleaning tables between activities;

-          checking toilets regularly;

-          wearing protective clothing - such as aprons and disposable gloves - as appropriate

-          providing tissues and wipes; and

use of disposable paper towels

Resources will be cleaned as required throughout the day


Activities and Curriculum

Some shared activities will NOT be available e.g cooking, messy play, dark den

Activities with small and difficult to clean parts will NOT be offered

Activities will be focused outside, gardening, gross/fine motor skills, creative and role play, stories, singing and dancing, water play

Children will be encouraged to access the garden as much as possible


Food and drink

Food will be provided for those booked

Packed lunch boxes will be wiped down on the outside on entry

Children will be spaced as far apart as is possible during mealtimes


Fire safety

Fire drills will be carried out as necessary in line with our Health and Safety Policy














First aid and medication


Any child who has required paracetamol suspension i.e Calpol or Nurofen (or any other brand) will not be accepted for care (see medication policy) Any child suspected to have any Covid 19 symptoms will NOT be accepted for care at the nursery.  This is non-negotiable and without exception.  The child must be tested and CANNOT return until a negative test is provided. Testing is available to under 5’s


PPE will be worn if a child presents with Covid 19 symptoms

 Isolation of the child with an adult in PPE will take place

Parents/carers must arrive within 30 minutes of being telephoned to collect child

Children will not be accepted again for care until a negative test can be supplied

Nursery MUST be informed so isolation measures can be put in place


Isolation rules must be adhered to if family members experience symptoms of Covid 19  Nursery must be informed






Date 31st May 2020


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