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Parent Feedback

Parents from 2023
“I love the detailed catch up at the end of the day, staff are very friendly and (child) is always happy to go and see you. I feel very confident leaving her in the mornings knowing she will be so well looked after.”

“Our child has come out her shell and really blossomed since starting at South Wonston. The staff are all so kind welcoming and supportive.”

“The children spend time outside everyday, the staff have great communication and there’s a great variety of food, activities and child-led play.”

“Lovely staffing team with fab communication who have my child’s best interests at heart. Children are very happy as the staff provide a caring home from home supportive relationship. Activities centre around child’s interests which I think is great.”

Parent from 2020 Cohort
We’ve been really pleased with the childcare services provided for our daughter by the South Wonston Nursery Team. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and are great at offering support for the children at the nursery, from the initial settling in sessions and ongoing. It provides a safe environment for children to flourish and there’s always a great range of activities for children to get involved with to learn and have fun. There’s also a delightful large garden area for the children to explore, learn and play in too. We’ve found it’s been a great setting for our daughter to get to know local friends and has been a really positive place to prepare her for going to school. We’d definitely recommend without hesitation.
Family from 2012 - 2020
We have had children attending South Wonston Day Nursery for 8 years, as both Nursery Children and at the After School club. Our children have really enjoyed their time at nursery and we have felt totally happy with the care, love and attention our children have received from the staff. The staff have hardly changed over the years (only leaving due to pregnancies) and this has meant brilliant continuity and knowledge of our family and our children. The children have a good variety of activities, toys and games to play with and partake in lots of arts and crafts. We have always felt that the staff have the very best interests of our children at heart and have been great at settling them when they first start. I would recommend this as a place where the children can have fun, be cared for & make great friends - all within a learning environment.
Parent from 2017 - Present
We have been sending our two boys to this nursery for the last 3 years. They have both really enjoyed it, and are happy here (sometimes not wanting to go home when it's time to leave!).  I am happy leaving them here, knowing that they are well cared for and I don't need to worry.  All the staff know all the children, and the atmosphere is caring, busy and fun.

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